Customizable ERP Software for Retail Stores

Serving Retail Stores with Software They Need

The purchasing and selling of products in retail businesses are not as simple as it sounds. It requires a system that works seamlessly and manages everything from strategy planning, keeping inventory up to date, to be in sync with all the sales and purchases to gain remarkable profits. For this purpose, a retail store would need an efficient retail management system, which shall allow them to run their business smoothly, without any hassle. This is where the ERP software comes in.

Retail Management Simplified with ERP Software

Finac ERP provides you with a complete solution for your retail business by developing customized and cloud-based ERP and accounting software for managing your businesses whether it involves the paint industry, electronic dealers, gift item sellers, medical, hardware, sanitary stores, and many more. We provide our services to companies and brands in Karachi and also throughout Pakistan.

The cloud-based software developed by Finac ERP keeps your data in sync which makes it accessible to all of your employees within the premises of the company, whereas the owner can manage and overview it from anywhere they like. All the data is backed up in just one click on a secure database. Our customizable ERP solutions enable you,

  • to make strategic business plans by thorough analysis to increase the turnover,
  • to manage inventory and track goods and handle finances effectively,
  • to ensure good quality of products,
  • to manage shipments of products and track orders,
  • to make future forecasts based on past trends,
  • to have effective communication with customers and suppliers, and much more.

Finac ERP ensures the efficient flow of information through the system, allowing your store to run seamlessly, making your business much profitable.

Personalized Modules for Retail Stores

Finac ERP provides the clients with customized ERP software as per their needs and requirements. We offer you multiple modules for inventory, manufacturing, sales, and much more making it possible for you to have a platform of your desire. If you require a feature that is already not in our offered modules, be assured that we shall develop it for you. We intend to provide you with customizable ERP software as possible.

Our personalized ERP solutions enable you to handle your business in an organized way, by systemic updating of inventory and sales, well-planned strategies, generating automatic emails and SMS, and much more. The accounting software helps you to be up to date with the records of your investments, sales, purchases, and gained profits. Finac ERP lets you be better than your competitors and make better and smarter decisions to stay profitable in the business.

Serving with Pride

Finac ERP has extended its services to some big retail stores across Pakistan based in different industries including Wallman Paints, Albizco, Mugs n Mugs, Alclean, and many others. Our customized ERP software proved to be a great resource in their thriving businesses, providing them with suitable retail management.