Customizable Manufacturing ERP Software for Garments & Fashion

The Garment and Fashion Industry is thriving from a long time back, providing people with different apparel according to the era, weather conditions, based on different factors. The industry has been bringing innovations to fashion and launching the latest trends from time to time. Behind the immense growth and success of the textile industry are multiple factors that make an enterprise work in full swing. It requires a proper system for management of labor, analyzing the quality of raw material and manufactured, placing the capital at the right place, time-to-time inventory management, and many other measures to ensure the effective productivity of a company.

ERP Software takes the Garment Industry Forward

Introducing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to the textile and fashion industry is a vital step towards the modernization of the industry, as ERP software provides a single unified seamless platform where effective coordination between departments of an organization can be made. Meanwhile, it also enables the textile and fashion enterprise to forecast upcoming trends, plan the logistics, design, and manufacture products efficiently, and manage the supply chain.

Finac develops cloud-based ERP solutions with customization for the garment and fashion industry as ERP is the latest high-end solution for performing the business efficiently. The cloud-based ERP ensures instant and dynamic information flow within and beyond an enterprise, eliminating redundancy of data, and providing access to the latest data to the respective personnel. It enhances the decision making capability of an enterprise based on relevant and accurate analysis and promotes smooth communication between coworkers, customers, and vendors.

ERP Software Customized for Your Needs

Finac customizes the cloud-based ERP software as per the need and requirements of the organizations. Our focus is to provide you with a customizable ERP solution as much as possible. We offer you several modules to personalize your software enabling your textile enterprise to work with maximum productivity. Finac brings to you:

  • Stitching – Effective monitor and controlling raw material and its cost for textile products, and manage raw material quality and condition of finished goods.
  •  Manufacturing – Enable you to plan production strategically and accurately use machinery and resources and automate operational tasks.
  • Purchase – Helps you to make the right choice about spending your capital by providing comparative analysis.
  • Inventory Management – Be equipped with real-time visibility into stock levels and order statuses of your textile goods.
  • Sales – Enables you to manage the supply chain effectively by planning and scheduling orders.
  • Accounts – Keeps track of the expenses, such as capital utilized and salary payments, and calculate the revenue from sales.
  • eCommerce Integration – Take your business to another level by introducing online shopping of your products with Finac.
  • Communication Modules – Foster effective communication between suppliers, co-workers, and customers for better coordination through SMS and Email notifications.
  • Human Resource – Keep track of your manpower, and the work efficiency of your labor along with salary management, and much more.

With Finac, bring advancement to your enterprise with the customized cloud-based ERP software, and let your garment, and fashion business leap.