ERP Solutions for Glass, Windows & Doors Businesses

Finac ERP provides customized and easy to use ERP software to manage your glass, windows, and doors business. It provides you with full control over costs, inventory, product specifications, client interactions, and wastage calculations of all under renovation or new projects. The ERP software makes intelligent cost estimates, material requirements orders, and employee performance evaluations with our complete ERP solutions.

ERP Makes Designing and Manufacturing Easier

The glass fabrication and windows and door manufacturing companies have to go through multiple complex processes while designing and manufacturing their products. The companies need to understand the functionality and the core process thoroughly to act by it. For this, it requires a proper ERP system that assists the owner, employees, and other people associated with carrying out tasks and operations easily.

Finac designs and develops customizable ERP software that automates your business by combining and calculating all the necessary data, ensuring the flow of information throughout all the departments of the enterprise. Our ERP solutions help you in material optimization, project cost analysis, generate project labor reports, and much more. They forecast upcoming business events and generate business relation reports, enabling you to make better and smart decisions.

Handle Inventory, Accounts, and Sales with Cloud-Based ERP

The cloud-based ERP software keeps all the information updated and accessible throughout the enterprise. Finac offers you complete customization of your ERP solution. We provide several modules through which you can handle your inventory, manage the supply chain, take supplier purchase orders, generate bills, quotations, and invoices. Also, it automates order confirmation and order delivery emails. The ERP system also improves communication between you and your customers through SMS/email. notification modules.

In a nutshell, ERP software is easy to understand programs, which allows you to get liberated of all the inconvenience and ensures that your business runs smoothly and profitable.