Customized Cloud-Based ERP Software for Restaurants & Bakers

Finac’s customized cloud-based ERP software is designed to let you plan your production based on orders while reducing inventory wastage and pilferage. ERP solutions help you to organize, manage, and run business quite efficiently. Our customized cloud-based ERP solution enables you to manage all the processes with the restaurant and baking industry including production plan, recipe control, expiry management, and accounting.

Manage Inventory of Your Restaurant or Bakery

We provide you with modules that integrate and automate accounting, scheduling, and inventory control for restaurants and bakes. Finac develops customizable ERP software that facilitates your business and takes care of all the hassle. Now, you can automatically maintain your inventory along with supplier details. Also, have the complete report of inventory items added and spent.

Handle Accounts and Generates Reports

While you ensure the quality and taste of food, our customized ERP software manages the rest of the business trouble. The cloud-based ERP software enables you to handle accounts, receive order details, generate receipts and vouchers. Also, you can easily get your account insights. With Finac’s accounting module, receive automatically generated reports on sales, customer details, transaction details, income reports, and much more.

Scheduling and Communication

Supply management and regulated scheduling of orders are quite essential in the restaurant and bakery business. Finac’s customized cloud-based ERP software provides you with features to manage the supply chain and track packing, labeling, and delivery of items.
Our CRM module helps you to establish a better and effective communication system with staff and clients. We offer SMS/Email reminders and alerts of tasks, meetings, transactions, and order summary.
It’s time to upgrade your basic systems to intelligent, cloud-based, and customized ERP software. Our smart business modules cater to all your nominal tasks and help you provide an excellent service to your customers.