Customizable Inventory Module

Our cloud ERP inventory management software integrates with all your warehouses and e-commerce platforms together. Better organize your warehouse with smart double entry systems, easily record inventory variances and manage multiple warehouses efficiently.


FIFO Based

Our inventory is recorded on first in first out basis efficiently recording different cost, showing availability and selling stocks accordingly.


Stock Movement

Sync and update inventory between multiple warehouses and retail locations.  Especially integrate stock availability with the e-commerce website.


Batch Management

Manage inventory in batches as they are produced and record their cost and storage separately and efficiently with Finac ERP.


Stock Profiles

Finac ERP software will define and track any variation of size and color. Enter different types of inventory hassle free.


Multiple Packaging

Define multiple wrappings, costing and management of items of different sizes and layers. Order raw materials effortlessly with Finac ERP.


Stock Adjustment

Adjust stock easily for variances, losses, gifts and any other changes. Easily manage stock between multiple warehouses and workstations.