Customized Cloud ERP for Electronics & Appliances

Electronics manufacturers and retailers not only bear a significantly higher proportion of the product risks, but they also have to perform a balancing act between project-based development and production with shorter delivery times and increasing the quality of products. Finac ERP is a complete ERP and Accounting software for the Electronic and Appliance industry. We provide customized features such as batch-wise accounting, import, and export modules in 160 different currencies, sales and distribution automation, etc. Find out everything that Finac helps you with to integrate your electronic and appliances business below:

ERP Features to Improve Your Electronic Business

  • Automated Inventory and Stock Management  With Finac, manage your inventory and stock at any level. You can keep an eye on every item stored in your warehouse and available in your shop. Our advanced Inventory & Stock Management System let you manage stock in multiple units and within multiple levels.
  • Handle Multi Branch System  All your business details including the inventory, sales, purchases, stocks, order details across all your stores, and warehouses are synced with the cloud ERP. Now you can manage each operation or ERP feature on the user level, keep your employees in sync, and your production and supply on schedule.
  • Point of Sale – Sync Finac ERP seamlessly and never lose count of your sales and inventory at your online or physical stores. Our powerful sales and purchase module help you to manage and maintain proper records of all the stock being bought and every item being sold. Finac cloud ERP also calculates your taxes, handling the accounting hassle of your business.
  • Be Updated with the CRM – Our customizable ERP for the electronic industry also features an efficient CRM system that helps you to notify the employees with tasks, alert customers about their orders, and establish better customer care relations. Now you can easily address the queries of the customers and manage employees and labor.

Finac is easy to use, customizable and a complete solution for all your business needs. Integrate your electronics and appliances business with our customizable cloud ERP software and handle your business on the go.