Customizable Manufacturing Module

Finac ERP allows you to customize your manufacturing by adding separate material list for each product, manage batch processing and integrate multiple stages of manufacturing to accurately calculate your cost.


Stock Wastage Report

Calculate variances for actual and budgeted stock levels. Integrate this module with other modules and create reports to assess losses and efficiency.


Machine Performance Report

Generate real-time, accurate and customized machine performance or worker performance reports on Finac ERP to increase your productivity and lower costs.


Multi Stage Manufacturing

Integrate and manage cost, material requirements and payments of multiple stages of manufacturing to correctly calculate your cost of production.


Product Recipe

When manufacturing orders, immediately see whether the required materials and subassemblies are available in stock for creating purchase orders.


Batch-wise Processing

Finac ERP allows you to put up with the fluctuating raw material prices, analyze batch wise costing, production capacity and defective goods of a batch.


Group Performance Report

The Group Performance report gives you a summary of the group performance of employees in a selected time period for human resource efficiency and proper planning.