Customizable Cloud-Based ERP for Interior Designing

The tedious task of designing and enhancing the interior of a building takes time, resources, and thorough planning for each project. Several factors and aspects are needed to be taken care of while interior designing and sometimes important little things are overlooked. An interior designing enterprise requires a proper, advanced system that automated their business and takes care of all the details of the projects under process. So if you own an interior designing company, customizable cloud-based ERP software is the answer for you.

Manage Projects through Customized Cloud-based ERP Solution

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is an affordable and efficient project and business management solution. With the help of ERP software, you can entirely focus on the project designing as well as easily keep track of your project in terms of labor-management, financial management, sales and purchase management, quality control, income statement and much more.

Finac’s Customizable Cloud-Based ERP

Finac plans and develops customizable, cloud-based ERP software for interior design enterprises. We develop such ERP software that allows you to have full control of individual projects by using customized modules that suit best for your business. The efficient and flexible customized features in the ERP, reduce the man-hours and efforts, save your time, and reduces the chances of errors. Being cloud-based, our ERP solutions store, collect, interpret, and manage data from different business departments of your enterprise. We offer a single solution to our clients comprising of multiple features and modules which enables them to handle their projects with ease and perform better in their field of work. We offer the following modules to interior designing enterprises:

  • Project Income Statement – Complete report of purchase of non-inventory items against a specific project, labor cost calculation, and other expenses.
  • Labor Management – Keep track of the employed labors, their assigned tasks, and much more.
  • Quality Management – Keep a thorough check on the quality of the work.
  • Plan and Schedule – Assign daily tasks, maintain project operations, and manage to-do lists tied to a specific project.
  • Payroll and HR – Generate salary sheets, maintain attendance records, and ease the workload of the HR department.
  • Sales and Purchase – Make and receive payments and maintain a proper record of all the transactions made.
  • CRM – Provide good customer care and develop effective communication with clients through our CRM module.

If you find something missing in our offered modules, do not worry. We will provide you with your desired specifications.