Customizable Inventory and Accounting Software for Distribution & Wholesale Management

The wholesale and distribution industry is quite complex and there is a lot of hassle in managing it. It goes through multiple challenges such as the rapidly changing customer demands, handling complicated product inventories, managing fluctuations in the supply chain, etc. In a nutshell, a wholesale and distribution company, whether a large scale or small scale, faces some likely and unlikely circumstances and due to lack of management tools, it is prevented from working much swiftly.

 Effectiveness of ERP Software

ERP Software for wholesale and distribution management provides features and tools that help you and your staff to ensure flexibility, efficiency, and continuity of processes and operations taking place in your enterprise. It enables you to determine the product demand and ensure that products are sold and delivered on time to the customers. ERP software manages both front-end and back-end tasks of your company. Meanwhile, cloud-based  ERP is an excellent option, especially for small enterprises.

Nowadays, a great many wholesale and distribution companies have implemented ERPs to track the logistics of their businesses and make better decisions which enables them to improve their revenue and cut down unneeded costs. Finac ERP designs and develops customizable ERP software for distribution and wholesale management. The cloud-based management system offers specialized features like consumer demand planning and forecasting that enhances the capabilities of the business enterprise. The ERP system can be accessed anytime from anywhere allowing the staff to run the company swiftly in many different situations. 

Management Made Easy with Customizable ERP

Finac develops customized ERP solutions for its customers, giving them every tool they might need for running their business successfully without any hurdles. Whether it’s maintaining inventory level, overviewing sales, or ordering, billing, pricing, and shipping of products, the ERP system shall manage everything for you automatically. We enable you with automated sales and supply chain management which ensures that deliveries are fulfilled on time. Our modules include the facility of managing inventory and warehouse. Now you can easily keep track of received and pending payments, and generate automated bills and receipts.

There are also modules for accounting, customer relationship management, and HR management. But if you think something is missing in our offered modules, then you can present your idea to us and we shall develop it for you. With our ERP software, you can get rid of all the management hassle and easily focus on the growth of your business.