Customizable Inventory Management and Accounting Software for Book Stores

Owning and running a bookstore means handling a huge stock of books, novels, encyclopedia, journals, and much more from different great and recognized authors and expert curators. Your stock may include books from the 1800s till present days. Managing your precious stock, labeling all the copies, keeping track of every sell and purchase, and keeping yo0ur inventory in sync with your sales can be mind-boggling.

And when you and your team are overwhelmed with all the tedious bookkeeping and handling data and inventory manually, this is the time you realize that your business needs to be automated. The solution to all the hassle is an ERP software. Finac designs and develops customized ERP systems and accounting software with features to efficiently manage your inventory and accounts, and establish a powerful communication system between staff and clients.

Effective Inventory and Stocks Management

Finac develops a powerful inventory management system with features that can assist you in automatically assign codes to every item in your stock. It also keeps track of each sale and purchases made and updates the inventory records accordingly. Therefore your system always has the correct number of available books.
The best thing about our ERP is that it is a cloud ERP for your book stores which enables you to keep all your data throughout your multiple stores and different departments in sync. This is a must-have feature if you are running an online bookstore along with the physical one.

Efficient and Optimized Accounting

While you ensure the fast provision and delivery of good books, our customized cloud ERP software manages the rest of the business stress. The cloud-based ERP software enables you to handle accounts, receive order details, generate receipts and vouchers. Also, you can easily get your account insights. With Finac’s accounting module, receive automatically generated reports on sales, customer details, transaction details, income reports, and much more.

Finac ERP is customized to cater to the needs of bookstore owners, publishers, and distributors. Our click-based system ensures that running a bookstore is easy in your presence and even when you are not there while giving you the speed, flexibility, and security to conduct your store operations and can be fully integrated with your eCommerce website.