E-Commerce Integration with Finac ERP

Finac ERP and accounting solutions offers a whole lot more than just accounting. It effortlessly integrates with your ecommerce websites to track all your online sales and purchases. Finally customized, simple yet powerful software that solves all your problems.


Order Processing

Manage online orders, product availability, shipping and payments within a single click. This module is fully integrated with your bank, cash, inventory and all other modules for smooth transactions.


Payment / Taxation

Receive and send payment in over 160 different currencies and never have an unsatisfied international customer. Do business all over the world and manage your taxes seamlessly and easily.


Invoicing / Delivery

Automatically create and send invoices to your customers for all the online transactions made. Manage delivery of international orders with shipping charges and duties and other customized features.


Detailed Inventory Management

Manage your inventory like never before with integrated ecommerce.  Keep track of product availability in your store and your warehouse and avoid shortages or surpluses on online orders.


Accounting Statements

Integrate ecommerce accounting with your other stores and warehouses and create detailed and complete accounting statements to accurately calculate your profits, losses, expenses for increased productivity.


WordPress / WooCommerce Integration

Finac ERP software fully integrates with both wordpress and woocommerce websites to make ecommerce seamless and simple, secured and automated for easier accounting.