Customizable Cloud ERP For Footwear Industry and Shoe Stores

The footwear industry and shoe stores are one of the largest growing industries across the world. With a huge consumption of the footwear goods, the demands keep fluctuating now and then. During the last two decades, lots of small and medium shoe manufacturers turned into big companies. All of them are utilizing modern and state of the art technologies to produce high-quality products while maintaining universal standards.

How Customized Cloud ERP Can Modernize Shoe Store Business

The process and workflow of the shoe store and footwear industry are complex from other industries, so this needs certain handling and analysis. Finac ERP solutions understand the challenges of the Footwear Industry, which has to deal with inconsistent orders, changing market trends, need to operate at tighter costs, meet regulations, etc. Finac ERP provides the clients with customized ERP software as per their needs and requirements. We offer you multiple modules for inventory, manufacturing, point of sale, and much more making it possible for you to have a platform of your desire. And in case your desired feature is not available. Then we will especially develop it for you.

Benefits of A Cloud Software for Shoe Stores

Your footwear brand may have multiple stores and outlets across the city and also outside the city. For some people, the business might be stretched in multiple countries. In such a case, you will need the data of each store in coordination with all the other stores along with the factories. The cloud-based software developed by Finac ERP keeps your data across all your front office, back office, and factory data in sync which makes it accessible to all of your employees within the company and saves your system from data redundancy. All the data is backed up in just one click on a secure database and can be accessed by the owner from anywhere.

A customized and automated Footwear ERP software that helps the manufacturers integrate all their processes in one simple and easy to handle the solution. Do better with Finac.

Q1. How does ERP software help in analyzing sales trends in my shoe store?
You can easily analyze, forecast, and plan your orders with FINAC’s footwear ERP Software. It provides accurate sales and supplier performance statistics, helping you spot trends and make smart decisions to optimize your shoe store’s operations.

Q2. Does ERP software allow for the customization of inventory reports to focus on size, color, and brand?
With FINAC ERP, you can effortlessly define and track any variation of size, color, or brand. The software creates a customized general ledger based on your specific parameters, offering both simple and detailed transaction information. This makes it easy for shoe store inventory management to generate tailored inventory reports that meet your needs, ensuring you have all the insights you need to manage your stock effectively.

Q3. How can ERP software assist in managing promotions for popular shoe items?
ERP software can help manage promotions for popular shoe items by analyzing and forecasting sales. FINAC ERP provides accurate sales history and forecasts, making it easy to plan effective and timely promotions.

Q4. Can ERP software help reduce the dead inventory of less popular items?
Absolutely! Our ERP software is adept at tackling the complexities of the footwear industry. Our shoe store management software, streamlines inventory management, ensuring that less popular items don’t accumulate as dead inventory, thus optimizing store efficiency.

Q5. Is it easy to train my staff to use the ERP Cloud System?
Yes, training your staff to use FINAC is simple. Our user-friendly interface and comprehensive training ensure quick and effective learning, boosting productivity. Plus, with data synchronization across all departments and secure backups, accessing information is convenient and reliable from anywhere.

Q6. Could you provide a live demonstration of the ERP software product?
We can showcase how our software can work for you. However, if any of our modules seem to not work for your footwear business, that’s no problem at all, We can make a customizable cloud ERP module totally for you!